The Man

Called to be an apostle and a prophet to the nations from his mother's womb, George Kouri has been in the ministry for over sixty years, serving the Lord and His Church as a pastor, evangelist, church planter, missionary, apostle, prophet and educator. Originally ordained to full-time ministry as a Southern Baptist, he is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In his early ministry, he served as a pastor in several Southern Baptist Churches in Oklahoma, Texas, and Southern California, later traveling in evangelism for a number of years, ministering both in local churches and city-wide Crusades. In 1969 Brother Kouri came into the experience of the "fulness" of the Holy Spirit. Since that time he has been deeply involved in the renewal and the reformation of the Lord's Church, planting churches, overseeing and training leaders in the United States, India, and Africa. During the past thirty years he has labored extensively in India and throughout the continent of Africa conducting evangelistic crusades and ministering in Church Conferences and Leadership Training Seminars.

Brother Kouri is widely respected by church leaders across denominational lines as an apostolic father in the body of Christ. Today, he continues to travel nationally and internationally, speaking in apostolic summits, seminars, and conferences. He combines a deep knowledge of Scriptures, Theology and Church History with a sensitivity and responsiveness to the Holy Spirit gained through decades of experience in evangelism, church planting, missions, structuring and ordering of church life, and training Christian leaders. He is committed to the restoration of the foundations of Christianity, to the reformation and development of the Church, and to seeing cities and nations transformed by the power of the Kingdom of God.

In addition to serving as the Apostolic Overseer and Lead Pastor of the King's Church in Jacksonville, George Kouri was the founder and continues to give apostolic headship to the General Apostolic Council of Apostolic Ministries and Churches International, an ecclesiastical jurisdiction of apostles, fivefold ministers and churches in the United States and abroad; he also serves as the presiding apostle of the Executive Council of the Communion of Apostolic Churches, a global communion of apostles and churches. He is the founder and Chancellor of the Apostles Theological Seminary.

(To learn more about the Communion of Apostolic Churches visit www.communionofapostolicchurches.com; to learn about Apostolic Ministries and Churches visit https://www.facebook.com/amcintl; and to learn about the Apostles Theological Seminary visit www.atsvirtual.org.)

Brother Kouri is a serious author. He has written the widely read The Sign of The Kingdom, as well as a number of text books for the Apostles Theological Seminary including God's Agenda For the 21st Century, The Non-Negotiables of Apostolic Christianity, and Redicovering The Keys of The Kingdom. Along with The Sign of The Kingdom, these Teacher's manuals are used as text books for Master's level courses in ATS. They are available for use by small groups and as preaching resources for pastors via Amazon.com. The Sign of The Kingdom is also available as an audio and e-book. To order The Sign of the Kingdom visit http://www.signofthekingdom.com/.

Apostle Kouri has wrote The Constitution of the Communion of Apostolic Churches: An Architectural Blueprint For An Apostolic Reformation And The Apostolic Church. Not only is the Constitution the founding document for the CAC, it has been widely used by apostles and pastors to teach their churches apostolic doctrine and apostolic structure, enabling them to move their ministries and churches from a pastoral and local church paradigm to an apostolic or Kingdom paradigm. The Constitution is available at Amazon.com.

Brother Kouri is interested in taking part in apostolic dialogues, round-tables and summits. He is also a available as a speaker for seminars, leadership conferences, and guest lecturer for Bible Schools, universities and seminaries. He may be contacted at 405-831-5103 or 904-448-0643 and at gekouri@mac.com.

He and his wife Sandra have been married for more than 57 years. Together they have five Children and twenty wonderful grandchildren.

The Message

Today the Church of Jesus Christ stands on the threshold of a new era of power and glory. The reality of reaching and discipling the entire cities and nations has never been nearer than it is today. Governments and nations have run out of options; politicians, economists, educators, social scientists are looking for answers to today's global problems. The entire world is begging for God's Holy nation, the Church, to dismantle the doctrine of defeat, the empty traditions of man, and the disunity that keeps us apart and demonstrate the Kingdom of God. It is time for a return to the Movement for which Jesus and His Apostles lived and died. It is time to rediscover genuine Apostolic Christianity and reform Christ's Church in order that it might succeed in it's mission to disciple the nations and fill the whole earth with the glory of the sons and daughters of the kingdom of God. To return to the authentic faith of the Apostles the Church of the 21st century must:

1. Return to the leadership paradigm of Jesus and the early apostles.

From building our independent local churches to building His one global Apostolic Church, His way in the fellowship or communion of the apostles!
And from building our individual empires and kingdoms to extending and establishing His Kingdom in every area of life and in every place on planet earth.

2. Reclaim the Apostolic keys (the keys of the Kingdom) that Jesus gave to Peter and the early apostles.

This revelation of Christ, His Kingdom, and His Church will enable us to see Jesus as He really is and His Bride as an unstoppable force in history.

3. Return to the God-sized purpose of the Church.

From being focused on only saving souls and building our independent local churches to possessing entire cities and nations and transforming cultures bringing the Kingdom of heaven to the earth.

4. Rekindle the burned out leaders in the House of God.

The task of discipling cities and nations and filling the earth with the glory of God is far too big for one man or one group to try and do alone. Leaders need each other. We must learn to stand and work together for the sake of the Kingdom.

5. Return real apostles to their rightful place in the work of the Kingdom and the government of the Church.

This will enable us to move from only filling buildings to filling all things! Eph 4:11-13

Ern Baxter made the observation before he died, "George Kouri's teaching on the Kingdom is the best I have heard!"

The Passion that drives George Kouri to continue teaching and preaching, after more than fifty years of ministry, is his belief that we can explore, rediscover the foundations, reform the Church, and see the Kingdom of God established and victorious in the earth!

The Ministry

As an inspirational conference speaker, George Kouri speaks apostolically and prophetically concerning what God is doing globally to revive the work of His Kingdom in the earth, restore the foundations laid by Jesus and the early apostles, and reform the Church of Jesus Christ in order that it might fulfill it's Kingdom mission and destiny.

As Chancellor of the Apostles Theological Seminary, an apostolic teacher and author, he teaches leadership seminars in major cities and nations throughout the world on the present apostolic reformation of the Church, as well as principles of the Kingdom, faith, healing and deliverance, signs and wonders, Davidic worship, laying and/or restoring apostolic foundations, structuring and ordering Church life, and leadership development.

As an apostolic father with mature spiritual sons and daughters, he serves as a seasoned advisor on church planting, growth and development, and also participates in strategic apostolic and prophetic dialogs, round tables, and forums dealing with revival, restoration, apostolic reformation, and impacting cities and nations for the Kingdom.

As head of Apostolic Ministries And Churches International and Presiding Apostle of the Communion of Apostolic Churches, George Kouri works with other apostolic fathers and church leaders to help fivefold ministers and churches find placement or governmental connection with other apostles, ministers, and churches in the present move of God.

You may reach George Kouri by email at gekouri@mac.com and by phone at (904) 448-0643 or (405) 831-5103.

To Contact Brother Kouri Regarding His Availability For Ministry:

Recognized by many as an apostolic father and seasoned pioneer in the apostolic movement that is gaining momentum around the globe today, Brother Kouri is interested in taking part in apostolic dialogues, round-table discussions and strategy summits. He is also a available as a speaker for seminars, leadership conferences, and as a guest lecturer at Bible Schools, universities and seminaries. He may be contacted at 405-831-5103 or 904-448-0643 and at gekouri@mac.com.