The following is a quote from Erwin Raphael McManus’s thought provoking book Chasing Daylight dealing with what McManus calls the “Jonathan Factor”. Chasing Daylight was previously published under the title Seizing Your Divine Moments which ought to tell you something of what the book is about. I found Chasing Daylight to be a great read! It is both refreshing and encouraging that there are men of God who still understand Christian discipleship and believe that faith involves uncertainty and risk, as well as, warfare with the Kingdom of darkness!

Don’t sleep through your dreams!

Ever hear that voice? It calls abandon the monotony of life and to begin an adventure. It threatens to leave you in the mundane if you refuse to risk all that you have for all that could be...It is rarely a conscious action to choose to exist rather than to live. For most of us we are simply lulled to sleep. But there is no rest in this condition. To sleep through your dreams is to choose a life of restless nights and unfulfilled days. To avoid the pain of fear, doubt, and disappointment we have numbed ourselves from the exhilaration of a life fully lived.

We are all haunted with the fear of living lives of insignificance, and we all hear the voice that tells us we can live the dream. Somehow we know that to play it safe is to lose the game. By definition an adventure is “an undertaking or enterprise of a hazardous nature.” In other words it comes at great risk and at significant cost. And life as God intends for you to live it is nothing less than an adventure. You were created for both pleasure and purpose. You might be thinking, I’m not sure if I really want to undertake an enterprise of a hazardous nature. Is a life of adventure really worth the risk? Is it really necessary? Yes, you can choose to play it safe, you can choose to settle for less, but never forget this: You were born to live a great adventure; You were created with a divine destiny; You are called to fulfill a great mission. You were designed for a unique purpose. Now you are called to live it out.

In this I think that God has been either terribly misunderstood or tragically misrepresented. All God seems to be known for is legalism, rules, judgments, commands, and wrath. In fact, Jesus calls us to live a life of unimaginable adventure. It begins the moment we choose to follow Him. It is no less than to pass from existence to life. Though we are not taken out of time and space, we are translated into an entirely different dimension of living. Jesus tells us that He is the portal into this life and the quest that follows. Jesus describes Himself as a door, a gate, a portal. In other words, an escape hatch. He has come to free us from a meaningless existence and liberate us to a life filled with adventure. He has come to lead us out of the mundane into the extraordinary. Strangely enough we find it hard to trust Him, while all the time He is trying to lead us out of the dark dungeons we have created for ourselves and let us run free in the light of day. When we come to Him, He translates us into an entirely new realm of living. His promise is that in Him we will find the life our hearts have always longed for…

He is inviting us on a divine quest. He is calling us to be spiritual pioneers, explorers, and adventurers. To respond to this calling is to accept that you will be a sojourner relinquishing the security of being a settler. To follow Him is to choose to forever be an alien and stranger in this world. You will never be the ideal citizen or even a permanent resident of this planet we know as earth.

Quoted from Chasing Daylight by Erwin Raphael McManus, emphasis mine.

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