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Today, the Lord's Church is standing on the threshold of a great breakthrough move of God worldwide that will enable us to take cities and transform nations.

In Joshua Chapter 1 God speaks to Joshua and commands him to rise up, together with the generation born in the wilderness, cross over the Jordan and take the land. In 1 Corinthians 10:11 the Apostle Paul tells us that all these things happened as an example or pattern for us. Joshua and the children of Israel speak to us of Jesus and His Church. The land of Canaan speaks to us today of the world with it's cities and nations. According to the New Testament Jesus of Nazareth is the greater Joshua, who is leading His Church in the conquest of the Devil's kingdom to possess cities and nations and fill all things with the glory of God.

One of the central themes of Holy Scripture is that the glory of God will fill the whole earth. According to Paul this is the purpose of the present reign of King Jesus. The Apostle Paul declares in Ephesians 4;10 that Jesus Christ ascended to fill all things. And the way He is going to do it is through His Church.

From Genesis to Revelation every promise of God is for increase. In fact the blessing of God upon Abraham and his seed is a thousandfold blessing of increase. Increase for our personal lives, increase for our families, increase for our businesses and careers, increase for our ministries and increase for our work together as a Kingdom of until we literally outnumber the wicked and possess the gates of our enemies.

Our heavenly Father's will for each one of us as believers is for is for abundance in every area of our lives. His will for us His Church corporately, as the body of His Kingdom purpose, is for us to possess cities and nations, transform economies and cultures, and fill the whole earth with His glory.

Today, the Lord Jesus is pouring out his Spirit upon a Joshua generation of believer's born in the wilderness of the Church's immaturity to enable us to cross the Jordan, possess the land (i.e. cities and nations), and fill all things with the goodness and glory of God.

Now what happens when God is preparing us to leave the wilderness of the Church's immaturity, cross over and take the land of promise?

What does He do? What does He require of us? Three Things...

To listen to Part 1 of this message click here.

To listen to Part 1 of this message click here.

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