Watch George Kouri's challenging message: Possessing the Land

One of the popular beliefs today is that if something is the will of God, it will automatically happen regardless of what you or I do as believers.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

This is a false triumphalism that takes human responsibility out of the work of the Kingdom of God. The balance to the Biblical doctrine of the sovereignty of God is the Biblical doctrine of the freedom of the human will. Once God does His sovereign work of regeneration in our lives, He has work for us to do in partnership with Him and with each other as believers. The Scriptures demonstrate again and again that even though God has a sovereign will or a plan for our lives we still can resist or refuse His will; we can miss it. The will of God for our lives requires faith on our part, and the Bible teaches that real faith acts. It causes us to obey the will of God and to work together with God to see His will accomplished.

In Joshua chapter 1 God promises Joshua and the children of Israel that He is going to give them the land of Canaan. But He fails to tell them that it is already occupied:

"I am giving you the land, and by the way it is full of giants."

"I am giving you the land, but there are 7 nations bigger and greater than you already in it."

"And there are 31 kings in the land; these kings have armies, and their cities have walls around them."

"I am giving you the land, and you have the joy of fighting for it."

God gave them the land, but without their obedience, without acting and doing their part, the land would only be theirs in theory, not reality.

Saints, God has given us wonderful and sovereign promises, but we must understand or know what it will take to actually possess what He has promised us as His sons and daughters. In this message there are three things we must accurately understand if we are going to possess the land God has already given us.

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