Mike Daub's India Report Part 1

Here is the First Installment of Apostle Mike Daub's 3 Part Report on The 2016 India Mission With Photos:

The NE Himalayan Region of India

This is the first of 3 reports describing my trip to India, January 19 through February 1. In this report, I will address my time with the NE Himalayan regional director for Apostolic Ministries and Churches International and the Apostles Theological Seminary, Dr. Adam Rangnamei.

This was truly an epic event for me. I first made acquaintance with Adam in 2007, when the Apostles Theological Seminary was first launched. He joined as an international student and had just discovered Bishop George Kouri, ATS and AMCI.

During my time of active involvement with ATS up until 2011, Adam was one of the most diligent students and participated in all of Dr. George Kouri’s classes and online chat room discussions. As a result, he and I became well acquainted.

I had tried to meet him in the Manipur province of India in the Spring of 2009 as I was part of a short term mission team working in the neighboring country of Myanmar. He and I were communicating by Internet attempting to meet near the border. But due to limited time and funding, that trip was cut short as Yangon the capital city was as far I as I could travel. So through the years up and through 2015, Adam and I would communicate through the Internet and Facebook Messenger.

So my arrival last month was an amazing event to finally meet Adam and spend 4 days together. Everyday he had scheduled ministry events as well as evening meals in his home to strategize and plan. We covered all things related to his involvement with ATS, AMCI, his regional church plants, his relationship with regional ministers of the Gospel, and his intention to reach neighboring countries. I realized how committed he is to God and our related cause, especially his great regard and affection for the man whom he calls his “Papa George Kouri”!

One of my greatest discoveries was that Adam is fluent in 6 languages, including English. His work is located in a very strategic part of India, known as the NE Himalayan Region, which is bordered by 6 strategic nations; Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. As a multi lingual communicator of the Gospel of the Kingdom, Adam is a great connection for training, equipping and overseeing the Work of God in these bordering countries.

The first occasion planned for me was to attend and speak at the ATS graduation ceremony in Siliguri, West Bengal Province in NE India. Adam as regional director had planned a wonderful meeting where 23 students received diplomas for work completed over the past 3 years. I was very impressed with Adam’s diligence to oversee and gather not only a student body, but also administration support and faculty members who help him teach the ATS course material. That day was momentous for both ATS as well as AMCI. Many of the parents and family members attending the ceremony, observed the 15 Master degree and 8 bachelor degree graduates walk forward in a cap and gown ceremony. (Pictures are included at the end of this report.)

As the honorary commencement speaker, I gave a brief message about the need for leadership training and development. It was an appeal to send and fund more students to attend the ATS regional school in Siliguri. I received great feed back from the faculty and students and expect the NE Himalayan ATS to grow and gain momentum. Adam has already acquired a small piece of land, approximately 1 acre and the outer lying part of Siliguri, to build a future campus. This is a great encouragement for Chancellor Kouri, President Dr. Jim Bradshaw and all the leadership team at ATS. There is now an effective demand in India for ATS, its curriculum, and contributing faculty members.

Earlier the same day, Adam scheduled me for two one-hour sessions at the AMCI leadership seminar, where some 60+ local leaders participated in an AMCI sponsored event addressing; the Harvest of Nations, the Gospel of the Kingdom and how we can work together to address the present open door for the Gospel. This demonstrated to me the influence Adam has in this region. Many of the local denomination leaders regard Adam as a serious influencer and show respect for his leadership capability and history as a missionary in both India and Nepal.

On the following day, Adam planned a trip to the Bangladesh Border. This part of India is most interesting as it separates the two countries of Bangladesh and Nepal by a tiny portion of land approximately 60 KM wide. This area is mostly agricultural and so our plan for the day was to visit one of congregations in Adam’s sphere located in the Kamala Tea Plantation. I spent 3 hours speaking in 3 sessions on revival and awakening to reach the nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom. I was enthusiastically received by the leadership and members, who gave me an honorary welcome.


 The third day was a planned trip to the city of Darjeeling near the Nepal border to speak in a King’s Church house group, comprised of Nepali people. Adam translated for me into the Nepali language. And again, Adam’s language skills are very impressive. That day I met with two regional leaders to discuss the work of God in NE India, the neighboring countries and how to train and equip teams to reach the many ethnic groups in their corner of the world.

In summary, the harvest field is truly ripe in NE India. I have a great regard for our brother, Dr. Adam Rangnamei, and believe he and his wife Nima are a gift from God. Both are very diligent in the work of God. I highly commend them for consideration to support them as allies of ATS and AMCI. Nima, herself is a full time nurse at the local West Bengal Medical Center in Siliguri. And she is also multi lingual and an effective communicator in Bengali, the language of Bangladesh.

I look forward to a time when I can return and continue to pour in our mutual support and encouragement to this wonderful couple, and apostolic team doing the work of God in NE India.

Michael Daub
San Clemente, CA



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