Ministry Spheres

Ministry Spheres

Apostolic Ministries and Churches International is an apostolic network or jurisdiction of ministries and churches in the USA and abroad. It is headed by  George Kouri and an Apostolic Council of Apostles and Elders who work together internationally, regionally, nationally, and locally to fulfill the Kingdom mandate given by Jesus to disciple the nations and fill the earth with His glory.

AMCI is a member network or jurisdiction of the Communion of Apostolic Churches. To visit the CAC site and AMCI click

The Apostles Theological Seminary is an online  seminary where seasoned apostles, prophets, and other fivefold ministers gather together with students from around the world to diligently study the Word of God and empower a new generation of ministers and Kingdom leaders to faithfully preach the Word of the Kingdom, reform the Church, and transform cities and nations.

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The Communion of Apostolic Churches is a global communion of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, together with the ministries and churches they represent. It is a worldwide communion or governmental jurisdiction of apostolic networks, ministry spheres, and jurisdictions of ministers and churches joined together by the Lord Jesus through the mutual recognition and voluntary submission of the apostles and elders (the ruling pastors or overseers) who are the spiritual heads or fathers of these governmental spheres.

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The King's Church is a congregation of followers of Jesus who are seeking to experience the love of God the Father, to connect with one another for corporate worship, discipleship training, and Kingdom adventure, and to minister the love of God to the community of Jacksonville and one another.

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You may phone Brother Kouri's office at 904-448-0643 or 405-831-5103. You may also contact him by e-mail at

To Contact Brother Kouri Regarding His Availability For Ministry:

Recognized by many as an apostolic father and seasoned pioneer in the apostolic movement that is gaining momentum around the globe today, Brother Kouri is interested in taking part in apostolic dialogues, round-table discussions and strategy summits. He is also a available as a speaker for seminars, leadership conferences, and as a guest lecturer at Bible Schools, universities and seminaries. He may be contacted at 405-831-5103 or 904-448-0643 and at