ATS Masters & Doctoral Courses For Spring Semester 2015!

The following courses are being offered in the Master's Degree for the Spring Semester 2015 which Starts January 13:

AD 501 “Living in Messiah’s Day and Celebrating the Lord’s Day”- The Purpose of the Present Administration of Jesus the Messiah King, His Church, the Church’s Day of Worship and the Church’s Role in the Judgment of Civil Governments and Nations - 3 Credit hours

AM 540 “The Ministry of Apostles, Prophets and the Apostolic-Prophetic Church”- How Apostles and Prophets are the Foundation of the One Church Jesus is Building, Jesus Himself Being the Chief Cornerstone (the Head Apostle and Prophet) - 3 Credit hours

EM 505 “Prophetic or Spirit-led Evangelism”- Soul-winning Methods of Jesus and the Apostles - 3 Credit hours

CIV 501 “Apostolic Mandate and Kingdom Civilization”- Restoring Apostolic or Kingdom Foundations and Rebuilding Nations - 3 Credit hours

NT 560 “The Acts of the Apostles”- the First Apostolic Mission, the Gathering the Remnant of Israel and the First Fruits of Nations, Bringing an End to the Old Covenant Administration of the Kingdom of Heaven and Establishing the New - 3 Credit hours

The following new courses are being offered in the Doctoral Degree for the Spring Semester 2015:

AD 705 “Apostolic and Prophetic Church: Confronting the Spirit of the Age”- How the Church Advances against the Kingdom of Darkness Today – 3 Credit hours

CH 700 “The History of Dogma in Light of the Apostles Doctrine”- How and When the Church’s Doctrine Strayed from the Authentic Kingdom Foundation Established by Jesus and His Original Apostles – 3 Credit hours

CH 701 “Advanced Reading in the Early Church Fathers”- Learning the Continuation with and Discontinuation from the Apostles' Doctrine During the First Centuries of the Church – 3 Credit hours

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