Peter's Gospel

"Peter’s Gospel" is a message preached at Christ’s Kingdom Ministry Center in Brewton, Alabama by George Kouri.

Introduction: As hard as it may be to understand or accept, there is much confusion today about the basic Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many voices with many messages all claiming to be the true Gospel! And as a result of this confusion there is much controversy and division among Christ’s ministers and in His Church. There are many doctrines, and many different denominations.

But in the early Church this was not true! The early Church was one. And the basis of unity and foundation of the early Church’s faith was the single Gospel preached by the Apostles of the Lamb like Peter and Ascension-gift Apostles like Paul!

In John 17 Jesus prayed:

“Sanctify them in the truth; Thy word is truth…
I do not ask in behalf of these alone, but for those also who believe in Me through their word (witness, message);
That they may all be one; that the world may believe that Thou didst send Me.

“That they may be perfected in unity that the world may know that Thou didst send Me, and didst love them, even as Thou didst love Me.

Please note that Jesus is not praying just for spiritual unity among His disciples and those who would believe in Him because of the ministry of the 12, but for a practical, governmental, and functional unity-a unity that the world can actually see.

Can you to see then that the ultimate form of evangelism is demonstration evangelism. The Church is to be the light of the world, a City on a hill, the heavenly Zion! According to Jesus, it is through the Church’s perfected unity and the practical demonstration of our love for each other that the world is ultimately to know that the Father sent the Son and that He loves the world!

Now, if the modern Church is ever to be one, if we are ever to triumph over the kingdom of darkness and succeed in our mission to disciple the nations, we must recover, among a number of things, the message that the apostles preached!

There is only one true Gospel! The Gospel that Peter and the other apostles preached!

What did the apostles preach? What was their message? And what was the basis of the early Church’s faith, the early Church’s unity?

Take your Bible and turn to Acts Chapter 2.

This is Luke’s exciting account of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost and Peter’s great apostolic message!

In verse 2 note the phrase, “a noise like a mighty rushing wind…”

(This probably sounded like a tornado or a freight train rumbling through the upper room!)

Because of the great noise a multitude gathered, asking in bewilderment, “what does this mean?”

In verse 14 Luke tells us Peter "stood up with the eleven" (this was not just Peter’s message, it was the message of all the apostles) and preaches the first apostolic Gospel!Peter is answering the question of his Jewish brothers!

If the modern Church is ever going to be one...

If we are going to restore the foundations of the Church’s faith...

If we are going to reform the Church and function together as one Holy Apostolic Church in the earth…

Then like Peter we must take a stand today and lift up our voices and declare the true Gospel! We must preach the Gospel of the Kingdom…the King’s dominion!

Apostles and ministers of Christ must come together and recover the Gospel of Peter!

What did Peter preach in the beginning? Three things I want you to see!


Peter proclaimed the cross and the resurrection!

1.  In Acts 2:23 Peter preaches the cross!

2.  And in verse 24, He preaches the resurrection!

Beginning with verse 25 through 28, Peter quotes from Psalm 16, David’s great resurrection Psalm in which David prophesies the death and the resurrection of his greater Son, Jesus. 


David understood his Son had to first suffer and die before He could be glorified…

David also understood that the Chief Priests and the Elders [the very builders] would reject the Messiah (Psalm 118:22)...

He understood the Messiah would also be betrayed by his friend (Judas) and would be crucified...

(The Son of David, the Messiah, would first suffer as the Lamb of God before He could reign as the Lion of the tribe of Judah!)

But David fully understood He would be raised from the dead...

Well, so far so good! Right?

Like Peter, most Christian ministers preach the cross and the resurrection! Only the most blatantly liberal reject the message of the cross and the resurrection!

But watch this! Watch! Look out!

Here comes the point of separation, widespread confusion, and the bitter controversy!


This is the main focus or central theme of Peter’s Gospel and of the message proclaimed by the first apostles!

This is the center of all the controversy and the confusion concerning the Kingdom!

I want to camp out here for a while, because this is where Peter camped out. Please stay with me; don’t tune me out!

1.  Look at verse 30, “because he was a prophet and knew …”

Peter is speaking of revelation knowledge, knowledge revealed by the Spirit of God! Peter declares that David was a prophet, perhaps the greatest prophet of Christ’s Kingdom in the Old Covenant era.

Peter continues in verse 30, "and knew that God had sworn to him (David) with an oath to seat one of his (David) descendents on his (David) throne…”

God had sworn to David with an oath to seat David’s Son on David’s throne and to establish the Kingdom of David’s Son forever.

God had given David a great promise (II Samuel 7:11ff).

God promised David a Son...

David’s Son would also be the Son of God...

God would establish the Kingdom of David’s Son and His throne would be an everlasting throne…

The everlasting throne of David’s Son would be the throne of David and the Kingdom of David’s Son would be the restored Kingdom of David...

God also promised David that He would build David a house and that David’s Son would build God a House...

The House David’s Son would build for God would be the restored House of David...(This is talking about the heavenly Zion, the Jerusalem above, the Church of Jesus Christ)

God gave David a great promise.

This promise is called in the New Testament the mercy or blessing of David and became the basis of the Hope of Israel for the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom, the restored Kingdom of David. (See II Samuel 7:19ff and Acts 13:34.)

2.  This promise was the basis of the great Messianic prophesy of Isaiah (Isaiah 9: 6-7):

“For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us,

(This is the “manchild,” or Son spoken of in Rev. 12. Jesus is the Manchild, the Son of God, the head of a many-membered body. Contrary to what some are teaching today, the Church is not the Manchild, but the many-membered body that must grow up into the head. We are not looking for the Man-child because he has already come and has been caught up and seated on the throne of David. We are not looking for the man-child, but rather the mature or full- grown man, the Church which is His body, to grow up into the head and fill all things!)

"And the government will rest on His shoulders;

(Speaking of the government of the Kingdom of God)

"And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

(His Name is above every Name. As believers we have been baptized into His Name and as members of His body, we have the right to use His Name or His authority and power to work His work in our daily lives.)

"There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace,

(Note the words, “No end”! Isaiah prophesies that Messiah’s Kingdom will continue to increase and expand until His Kingdom fills all things and there is peace on earth! We are going to see that Peter in his message on the Day of Pentecost proclaimed that Messiah’s Kingdom has been established in the resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus. Before Jesus comes back to consummate His Kingdom the nations will be discipled and there will be peace!)

"On the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and righteousness
from then on and forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will accomplish this.”

Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would establish David’s throne! According to Peter and his fellow apostles the Lord Jesus accomplished this in His life, death resurrection and ascension. This was the significance of the outpouring of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. Isaiah declared that the Son of David will uphold it forever! Not just so He can save a few souls here and there, but so that He can govern the nations, and to establish social justice in the earth! How is this going to happen? The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish it! (Isaiah 9:6-7)

3.  Turn to Luke 1: 28-33. (Remember Luke also wrote Acts and recorded Peter’s message on the Day of Pentecost!) Luke’s Gospel begins with the announcement of the Angel Gabriel to Mary concerning the fulfillment of the promise God made to King David:

“Hail, favored one! The Lord is with you…”

“Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb, and bear a son, and you shall name Him Jesus.”

“He will be great, ...the Son of the Most High (God’s promise to David); the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David; ...and His kingdom will have no end.” (Luke 1: 28-33)

Jesus is Mary’s boy; He is the Son of David...the Son of God...the Messiah! He will reign on the throne of His father David forever!

4.  Now let’s turn back again to Acts 2: 30.

Remember the Spirit has been poured out with a great tulmult. Peter stands up with the eleven and answers the question, "What does this mean?” He declares to his fellow Israelites who had gathered that David was indeed, “a prophet and knew that God had sworn to him with an oath to seat one of his descendants on his throne…”

Peter is quoting Psalm 132, one of David’s great enthronement Psalms, a song about the Messiah written and sung by David himself.

Every Jewish male knew and loved this Psalm! Throughout their long history they had sung this very Psalm as they journeyed up to Jerusalem to celebrate the feasts of Israel, looking forward to the coming of the promised King and His Kingdom!

It’s message centered on the great promise God made to David, and Israel’s Hope for the restoration of David’s kingdom.

Now quoting David’s enthronement Psalm, Peter reminds his fellow Jews of the promise God had made to David, declaring that David was a prophet and knew that God had sworn to him to seat his descendent on his throne.

Now look carefully at Verse 31 (circle verse 31; under-line verse 31): This is the key verse in Peter’s message!  And it is the heart of his Gospel:

“he (David) looked ahead (prophetically to the fulfillment of the great promise) and spoke of the resurrection of the Christ, that He was neither abandoned to Hades, nor did His flesh suffer decay.”

Please note Peter’s words “the resurrection!”speaking of the resurrection of Jesus that had taken place fifty days prior to Pentecost.

It is important to note that Peter does not even mention the Rapture of the Church or the Second Coming of Christ in this verse, or even in his entire message for that matter! (Don’t lose the victory!)

Instead Peter proclaims that as a prophet of God and knowing that God had sworn to him with an oath to seat his Son on his throne, David looked ahead to the fulfillment of the great promise, even the oath of God, and spoke of the resurrection of Jesus! 

Think about it! This is amazing!

According to the Apostle Peter, the promise God made to David that He would seat David’s Son on David’s throne has already been fulfilled in the resurrection of Jesus!

5.  Look at verse 32:

"This Jesus God raised up again to which we are all witnesses…"

Please note that Peter and the eleven who were testifying with him that day were all eye witnesses of the resurrection!

One of the main themes of the Gospels is the choosing and the training of the 12. Almost the entire ministry of Jesus was spent primarily preparing these very men to be His witnesses.

They had been with Him from the beginning with the baptism of John who had introduced Him to the nation, declaring to the remnant, "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”

They were in the boat with Him on the Sea of Galilee, and heard His majestic words as He calmed the storm, declaring, "Peace be still!"

They had been with Him on that mountain in Galilee when He had fed the multitude with a few small fish and a few loaves of bread, and heard the whisper as the multitudes wanted to take Him by force and make Him King. "King, king, what a king! Let’s make Him our King!"

Many times they had seen Him open the eyes of the blind, heal the sick, cast out demons, even raise the dead. They had been with Him when He called Lazarus from the tomb declaring, "Lazarus, come forth!" This remarkable miracle had caused such a stir in Jerusalem and the surrounding regions that the Chief Priests and Elders finally determined they must kill Him!

The twelve were with Him in the upper room when He had taken the loaf of bread and the cup of wine and instituted the Covenant meal declaring, "This is My body, eat it; this is My blood of the New Covenant, all of you drink it!”

Finally, they were with Him for a period of forty incredible days after his resurrection!

Peter had even been inside the empty tomb and witnessed the grave clothes and the face napkin folded neatly in the place where His body had lain. For forty days He had appeared to them in a variety of gatherings, fellow-shipping with them and teaching them the Scriptures concerning His promised Kingdom. Thomas, one of those standing with Peter that day, had actually placed his finger in the nail wounds and had thrust his hand into the Lord’s wounded side!

They were eye-witnesses of His resurrection!

Finally, they had watched in awe and amazement as their resurrected Lord ascended in a cloud from the top of Mount of Olives into heaven to receive His Kingdom.

Peter declares in Acts 2:32, "This Jesus God raised up again to which we are all witnesses…"

Jesus had chosen and prepared these twelve apostles to be eyewitnesses of His resurrection primarily because He knew that the promise to King David and to the fathers of Israel would be fulfilled in the resurrection!

This is huge!

Think of it! The foundation of the Church’s unity and faith is the good news that the oath God made to seat David’s Son on David’s throne has already been fulfilled in the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Thank God for the cross.

On the cross Jesus died for our sins. But He not only died for our sins, and redeemed you and me; He also redeemed Israel and all the nations of the earth. He also redeemed David’s Kingdom and comforted Jerusalem! Truly, He is the good shepherd (king) who gives His life for His sheep! He reigns as the Lion of Judah today because he suffered as the Lamb of god who takes away the sin of the world!

But the cross is only part of the Gospel!

While it is critically important, the cross is not the central message of the Gospel.

Later the Apostle Paul would say that, "if Jesus has not been raised from the dead, you and I are still be in our sins."

But God raised Jesus from the grave!

When God raised Jesus, He disarmed the Devil! He defeated Satan, all the powers of the Kingdom of Darkness, and He delivered and justified us so that Satan has no power over us any more!
But He not only delivered and justified us, He also fulfilled the promise to David and to the fathers of Israel concerning David’s Son, sitting on David’s throne. This is truly amazing! This is a great mystery, one of the great mysteries of Christ and his Kingdom!

Think of it! When God raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead, He also raised David’s throne (not the earthly material or physical throne of David which turned to dust long ago, but the seat of David’s government, the place of authority, of dominion, of rule, of power) and moved it from the earthly realm to the heavenly! Peter tells us in his first General Epistle that God has raised Zion and laid the foundation in heaven for the New Jerusalem! (Isaiah 2:2ff and I Peter 2:1-6)

This is the central theme of Peter’s Gospel, that when God the Father raised Jesus from the dead, He moved the seat of David’s government from earth to heaven and established it at His own right hand. Scripturally, God’s right hand is place of all authority and all power; therefore, since the throne of David has been moved to the right hand of God, it can never again fail or be defeated, but shall endure forever and succeed in the purpose for which God has established it! Just as Isaiah prophesied, “of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end!”

As I mentioned earlier the purpose of Messiah’s present Kingdom is not just to save a few souls here and there, but to disciple all nations and fill the earth with righteousness, peace, and joy! Our heavenly Father has raised up His Son and seated Him on the throne of David at His own right hand in heaven, the place of all authority, dominion, and power, so that as King, Jesus of Nazareth can establish righteous judgment, social justice, and peace among the nations of earth. This is the revealed plan and purpose of God for Christ’s Kingdom! It is the vision of Isaiah and the prophets of Israel; it was the message of the angels the night Christ was born!

This is the great need of our century!

Sadly, most of our modern world has become cynical and has lost hope that there will ever be racial, economic, educational, social, and political justice or peace on earth!
The League of Nations failed and today the United Nations has demonstrated that it is be weak, inadequate and ineffective!
Even many in the Church today as they look at the world situation and the present condition of the Church have given up and lost hope!

But Christ and His Church will not fail! As Isaiah proclaimed, "Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end!" Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream will yet be fulfilled! And even as Nelson Mandela declared, "the road to freedom may be long," but the cause of liberty and justice will be established; The Zeal of the lord of hosts will establish it!"

Before Jesus returns for the resurrection of the body and the final judgment, He will bring the sons and daughters of His Kingdom to maturity, and together with Him they will establish justice and fill the earth with the glory of God! As the prophets envisioned, justice shall flow down from the heavenly Mt. Zion like a river, and the nations will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks!

Now watch very, very carefully as we consider:


For more than a hundred and seventy-six years “another” gospel has been preached, the “gospel of postponement”!

1.  The “postponement” gospel proclaims that in the so-called “triumphal entry” that took place during the last week of Jesus earthly ministry, when Jesus rode the donkey into the City of Jerusalem, He offered the promised Kingdom to Israel! But the Jews rejected it.

For the record there is no place in the Gospels where Jesus ever offered the Jews an earthly Jewish Kingdom!

2.  According to the postponement gospel, Christ was crucified and MESSIAH’S KINGDOM was postponed until after the so-called “secret” rapture of the Church and the Second Coming.

Again for the record there is not a single Scripture that says the Messiah’s Kingdom has been postponed!

3.  But according to postponement preachers, “another” gospel, the so-called “Gospel of Grace”, as opposed to the “Gospel of the Kingdom” ( postponement preachers actually teach there is more than one gospel) is presently being preached during the so-called “Church age”(as opposed to the age of the Kingdom).

According to them, this so-called Church age is actually a parenthesis in history in which God’s prophetic time clock has stopped. 

Postponement preaching goes on that when the” last” person who makes up the “mystical” body of Christ has finally been added, then Jesus will come back and “secretly” rapture the church. They base this on a mistaken understanding of I Thessalonians 4. One dear old lady, hearing her preacher read from I Thessalonians 4, "The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God”, leaned over and whispered to her friend sitting next to her in the pew, "My that is the noisiest secret I have ever heard."

Frankly, I have never been able to understand why our loving Heavenly Father would go to all the trouble of equipping His saints with mighty spiritual weapons and building a great spiritual army, only to rapture that army out of the world before it can win the battle, conquer Satan’s kingdom, and possess the cities and nations of the earth!

4.  According to the postponement preachers, after the church has been raptured, Antichrist will be revealed. His army will surround and attack Jerusalem in the so-called “final” battle of history, the battle of Armageddon. There will be great tribulation.

This error is based on the failure to heed the clear “time texts” Jesus gave His disciples in Matthew 24 and in the Book of revelation. As a result of this failure they postpone to the future things that have already taken place during the disciples generation in the first century just as Jesus said they would.

5.  Then according to postponement theology, in the midst of the great tribulation, Jesus will come back to earth, destroy Antichrist, and restore the Kingdom of David. For a thousand years, the so-called millennial reign, Jesus will rule the nations from the throne of His father David in the earthly City of Jerusalem. Again we must remember that this popular teaching is based upon the failure of preachers and Bible Teachers to heed the time texts given by Jesus in Matthew 24, Luke 21, and in the Book of revelation.

This is the “gospel of postponement”!

It is certainly not the Gospel Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost!

It is “another gospel”!

John Darby first began to preach it in 1830. The Scofield Reference Bible popularized it. The Dallas Theological Seminary has promulgated it. And while it may be popular today, it has undermined the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom and divided His Church!

It’s basic presupposition is that Christ’s Kingdom has been postponed until after the “secret rapture” of the Church and the Second Coming because according to postponement preachers the promise God made to David has not been fulfilled. Postponement preachers mistakenly believe the promise has not been fulfilled because they are looking for an earthly, Jewish kingdom. And they are looking for an earthly, Jewish kingdom In spite of the fact that Jesus proclaimed, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Remember Jesus did not proclaim, "My Kingdom is not presently of this world, but it will be in the future, after My Second Coming." No, He proclaimed, "My Kingdom is not of this world; it is a heavenly Kingdom, not an earthly Jewish Kingdom."

6.  What did Peter preach? What was the central emphasis of his message? Go back to Acts 2 and let’s look carefully at verses 33, 34.

Having already proclaimed to his Jewish kinsmen in verses 30 and 31 the good news (gospel) that the promise (oath) God made to David has been fulfilled in the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, Peter now declares in verses 33 and 34 that after His resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven and was seated or sat down on the throne of David at the right hand of God!  In his Gospel Peter not only proclaims the fulfillment of Psalm 132, but also the fulfillment of Psalm 110, two of David’s great enthronement Psalms.

Luke records the ascension of Jesus in the first chapter of Acts.  He describes how Peter and the other disciples watch in amazement as Jesus is taken up and a cloud receives Him out of their sight.  According to Daniel the Prophet, Jesus "came with the clouds of heaven, and came up to the Ancient of Days and there was given Him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve Him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.” ( Daniel 7: 13, 14)

Now ten days later, on Pentecost, Peter quotes Psalm 110, David’s great enthronement Psalm, boldly declaring to the men of Judaea, "For David is not ascended into the heavens: but he saith himself, ‘The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, until I make thy foes thy footstool.’" (Acts 2:34) This is Peter’s Gospel: the promise, yes, the oath, God swore to David that he would seat or enthrone David’s Son on David’s throne at His own right hand in heaven has been fulfilled in the resurrection, ascension and enthronement of Jesus of Nazareth!

Think of it Saints!

According to the Apostle Peter, Jesus of Nazareth, the promised Son of David, Mary’s boy, the virgin born Son of God, the Word of promise made flesh, has ascended to the right hand of God in heaven and has been enthroned on the throne of David! The theology of Peter and his fellow apostles (remember Peter was standing with eleven other apostles) is fulfillment theology! It is “right hand” of God theology, "throne of David" or “enthronement” theology! It is a theology of resurrection, ascension, and enthronement on the throne of David at the right hand of God in heaven!  Not only so He can forgive sins and save souls as Savior, but also so that as God’s Anointed King, He can discipline cities and nations, establish the government of God in the earth, and fill all things with the glory of the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God!

Peter’s Gospel is the Gospel of the King’s dominion, power and glory! It is the wonderful good news, the Gospel, that the promise God made to David and the fathers of Israel has been fulfilled, not been postponed, as many erroneously believe. Sadly, far too many in the Church have never heard Peter’s message! Even worse many who claim to be apostles today, do not even believe Peter’s message, let alone preach it. Today, I want to change your thinking, your belief system, and your basic understanding of the Gospel.  I want to remove all theological or doctrinal hindrances that keep you from being able to believe for the full blessings of Messiah’s Kingdom, the restored Kingdom of David.

In verses 34 and 35 of Acts 2, Peter quotes from Psalm 110.  David prophesied, “The Lord” speaking of the Heavenly Father, the King of the universe, “says to my Lord” speaking of his own Son David calls Him Lord!  David clearly understood by the word of God and by the revelation of the Spirit that his son, the “promised Son of David”, would also be the very Son of God, and David’s Lord. This Psalm was one of Jesus’ favorite Psalms.  He loved this Psalm and quotes it in Matthew 22:41.  He challenges the false religious leaders of his day asking, “the Messiah, whose son is he?” They answered, “he is David’s son.” Then with a twinkle in his eye, Jesus asked, “why then did David call Him Lord?”

According to David’s great “Enthronement Psalm”, Where is his promised Son going to sit? On David’s throne! We’ve seen this truth proclaimed by the prophet Isaiah and by the Angel Gabriel in his announcement to Mary. And where is David’s throne going to be established in Messiah’s Day?  At the right hand of God! And where is the right hand of God? Not on earth, but in Heaven! Not on the earthly Mt. Zion, but upon the heavenly Mountain! When is Messiah going to do this? According to King David, God’s great prophet, it would be in the day of His power! We learn from David Psalms that the day of power would be established after the Messiah’s death, resurrection, and ascension to the right hand of God in heaven!  Remember that Jesus Himself declared to His disciples at Caesarea Philippi that the Son of Man had to first suffer, be rejected by the rulers of Israel and be crucified, and then He would be raised from the dead and glorified. And after His resurrection Jesus declared to His apostles on the mountain in Galilee, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and in earth!” (Matt.28: 19-20)

Contrary to the postponement preachers, according to Peter the promise God made to David has already been fulfilled in the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Jesus has been enthroned as King on the throne of His father David at the right hand of God in heaven!

What is David’s Lord going to do?  In Psalm 110:2, David proclaims Messiah is going to “rule in the midst of His enemies!” Today many postpone Christ’s Kingdom because they mistakenly believe His Kingdom will be an age of uninterrupted peace. But according to King David, the purpose of Messiah’s reign at God’s right hand in heaven is to “rule in the midst of His enemies”. The purpose of the present reign of God’s King is to subdue all His enemies and establish righteous judgment (government) and peace in the earth. Isaiah proclaimed the good news that the government of God would be upon Messiah’s shoulders to enable Him to deal with kings and rulers (the governments of men), and with cities and nations to establish justice (right judgment) and peace and to fill the earth with the glory of the Kingdom of God (Isaiah 9:6ff).

God gave David a wonderful promise! He also gave him a great revelation of the fulfillment of the promise! David understood by the Spirit of God that his Son would be the Son of God; He would suffer and die, descend into hell, be raised from the dead, ascend to Heaven, and He would sit on David’s throne at the right hand of God in heaven and rule the heavens and the earth until all His enemies have been subdued and brought under His heavenly government! What an amazing and awesome revelation of the mysteries of Christ and His kingdom, given hundreds of years before it happened! David’s revelation is the same revelation He gave to Peter and the Apostles. If the modern church is ever going to be one, if we are going to recover the foundations of the Church’s faith, if we are going to succeed in our Kingdom mission to possess cities and nations and fill the earth with the glory of God, then the church of the 21st century must recover Peter’s revelation of Christ and His Kingdom.

Today many believe the restored Kingdom of David has been postponed until the Second Coming.

Many others, who believe Christ is indeed reigning at the right hand of God in heaven, do not understand that He is presently seated today on the throne of His father David!

On the Day of Pentecost, Peter boldly declares to the house of Israel, Jesus Christ has ascended and has been enthroned on the throne of His father David at the right hand of God in heaven just as God promised and as David prophesied in Psalm 110! Having quoted Psalm 110, Peter immediately concludes His message in Acts 2: 36, “Therefore” (that is to say that since the promise to David is fulfilled and Jesus is enthroned on the throne of David at God’s right hand)... “Therefore let all the house of Israel know for certain that God has made Him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified!"

When Peter declares in verse 36 that God has made Jesus, “both Lord and Christ,” we must remember and understand he is referring directly to key phrases in David’s Messianic Psalm, “my Lord” and, "sit at My right hand"(literally “sit”, “be seated” or “sit enthroned”, and Peter’s use of the word “Christ” is really New Testament shorthand for “anointed King")!  Peter’s use of these titles, “Lord” and “Christ” must therefore properly be understood in light of Psalm 110.

If this is true, then in reality when we confess today, “Jesus is Lord”, we are really declaring with Peter, “Jesus is David’s Lord!" Whether we know it or not, we are confessing with Peter and the apostles that God’s promise to David is fulfilled! And when we confess, "Jesus is the Christ", whether we know it or not, we are declaring with Peter, “Jesus is the promised King of Israel and the nations! He is seated on the throne of David at the right hand of God in heaven, and He is ruling the nations as God’s anointed King!"


FIRST, THERE ISTHE CONTENT OF PETER’S GOSPEL which includes both the cross and the resurrection!

SECONDLY, THERE IS THE CENTER OF PETER’S GOSPEL, the good news the promise made to David and the fathers of Israel has been fulfilled in the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ.

THIRDLY, THERE IS THE CONFUSION OF THE MODERN CHURCH, the confusion caused by today’s “postponement gospel”.


Peter declares the divine proof the promise God made to David has been fulfilled is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that took place on the Day of Pentecost and continues to be poured out today!

Look at Acts 2: 33: "Therefore having been exalted to the right hand of God, and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, He has poured forth this which you both see and hear."

In answer to the question of his fellow Israelites, "what does this mean?", Peter proclaims that having been raised from the dead and seated on David’s throne at the right hand of God in heaven, Jesus of Nazareth received the Holy Spirit promised by the Father, which He is now pouring out on all flesh! Amazingly, Peter boldly declares to the Jews that the “outpouring” or “baptism of the Holy Spirit” is the divine proof that the promise made to King David and to Israel has been fulfilled in the resurrection and ascension of Jesus!

This is what the prophets of Israel had proclaimed throughout Israel’s history! According to the prophets, Messiah’s Day would be characterized by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Peter even begins his message on the Day of Pentecost by quoting the prophecy of Joel: "This (which you have just seen and heard) is what was spoken of through the prophet Joel: ‘And it shall be in the last days,’ God says, ‘That I will pour forth of My Spirit on all mankind...’" According to the prophets, Messiah’s Day would be the great day of the Spirit’s outpouring, the age of the Holy Spirit..

Tragically, many modern Christians have never connected the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with Messiah’s Kingdom. But the “outpouring” or “baptism of the Holy Spirit” is a “Kingdom anointing” to enable the saints of God to plunder the devil’s kingdom. The "outpouring of the Holy Spirit” is a Kingdom anointing to enable the sons and daughters of the Kingdom to reign in life and to work the mighty works of Christ’s Kingdom. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth our wonderful Heavenly Father has anointed us as sons and daughters of Christ’s Kingdom to enable us to destroy sickness and disease, death, poverty and lack. He has anointed us to destroy racism, spousal and child abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, and political, economic and social injustice and establish His Kingdom in the earth.

He has anointed us with a Kingdom anointing to enable us to build marriages that work, families that function, businesses that prosper, educational systems that educate and equip children to take their places in society, and civil governments that govern justly. Our Heavenly Father has anointed us with a Kingdom anointing in the mighty Name of King Jesus, both individually and corporately, so that together we can conquer the Kingdom of Darkness, transform cities and nations, and fill the whole earth with God’s glory!

What is the meaning of Pentecost? Peter stands and in the power of the Holy Spirit proclaims to the men of Israel: “These are not drunken as you suppose. This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel. The mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit you have seen and heard today is confirmation from heaven itself, supernatural proof, that God has fulfilled His promise to David! It is proof that Jesus of Nazareth has been seated on the throne of David and is ruling the nations today as Lord and King from God’s right hand in heaven!

Today is Messiah’s day, the day of His power! It is the day in which the sons and daughters of Messiah’s Kingdom will volunteer to serve their King in the power of His Holy Spirit to destroy the works of the Devil and do the works of Christ!


According to the popular gospel Messiah’s Kingdom has been postponed, because the promise to King David has not yet been fulfilled.  But according to the Apostle Peter, God has already fulfilled His promise and the proof is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in His Name! Jesus is not waiting in some little ante-room to sit on the throne of David until the so-called “secret rapture” or the Second Coming of Christ!  He is already seated! The throne of David is occupied!

Today is Messiah’s Day, the Day of His power! The Heavenly Father has exalted His Son to His own right hand and given Him all authority, dominion, rule, and power in heaven and in earth! Jesus is ruler of the kings of the earth and head over all things for the Church, which is His body! Today He is seated as Lord on the throne of His father David, forgiving sins, pouring out His Spirit, enabling the saints to live as sons and daughters of the Kingdom and possess the cities and nations of the earth! He gives to all who repent and obey the Gospel the right to use the authority of His Name and promises us that whatever we command in His name He will do it! In answer to Kingdom prayers of His saints, Jesus casts down and removes unrighteous governments and lifts up and establishes righteous governments, judging and disciplining the cities and nations of the world until the whole earth is filled with righteousness, peace, and joy.

The Scriptures boldly proclaim that every demonic prince and every evil power must ultimately bow the knee to the Name of Jesus, and every government, every racial group, every tribe, every tongue and every nation must ultimately obey God’s Anointed King! The 20th Century witnessed the collapse of Colonialism and the defeat of Communism. And in spite of the meteoric rise of Islamic Fundamentalism, modern jihad, and the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the 21st Century will ultimately see the spiritual principality and power that inspires Islam and oppresses the nations of the Muslim world bow before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and the peoples of the Middle East liberated and set free.

But if these things and all that the prophets of God envisioned would happen in Messiah’s day are ever going to happen… if the nations are going to be brought under the saving rule of God’s King, the Lord’s Church must first be revived, restored, and reformed as one. The Scriptures make clear that David and the prophets of Israel understood the Church would be the instrument of Messiah’s purpose to disciple the nations and fill the earth with the glory of God. David declares in Psalm 110:2 that "the scepter of Messiah’s Kingdom"(the rod of His authority and power) would be extended out of Zion. If we are truly going to extend the King’s scepter today and possess cities and nations, we must first rediscover the revelation of the Lord and His Kingdom entrusted to Peter and the eleven, and we must tear down the doctrinal, cultural, and denominational walls that separate and divide the Lord’s Church and keep us from functioning and moving together as the people of God in the earth! If the Church of the 21st century is going to function as a great spiritual army and of course that is God’s will, His plan and purpose, then we must first rediscover the foundation of the Church’s faith, the Gospel of the King preached by Peter.

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