The Church's Unity in the Face of Radical Islam

The Church’s Unity in The Face Of Radical Islam is an observation by Apostle Rodney Seago, a colleague and friend.

Brother Seago is from South Africa and currently pastors CityChurch Jacksonville, Florida. He is also part of the Apostolic Council for Apostolic Ministries International and leads our apostolic mission to that city. He is a member of the Apostolic College of the Communion of Apostolic Churches and the Dean of Biblical Studies for the Apostles Theological Seminary.

You may contact Apostle Seago at or enroll in his ATS online courses for the Summer Quarter at

The Importance Of The Church’s Unity in The Face Of The Challenge Of Islam

When the Church becomes one it is over for Islam; it will be “game, set and match.”

Islam will not be able to stand before the spiritual power of a united Church, because it is there the Lord commanded the blessing, Life forevermore” (Psa. 133). The present military strategy is not the final solution to the Islamic problem. At best, it is only a temporary solution to hold back the hoards of Islam from destroying the Christian foundations and influence on Western civilization until the Church is one. Islam is a spiritual power. The Church is a spiritual power. It will require the spiritual power of a Church united in fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer in John 17:20-23 to successfully confront Islam. The outcome will be like it was for the Philistine god, Dagon, who fell before the presence of the Lord God in the house of Dagon (ISam. 1-5).

I see a day when Islam will capitulate before God’s anointed king, The Lord Jesus Christ, and their mosques will become Church buildings in which Jesus is proclaimed as Lord.

For That day,
Rodney Seago

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