Watch George Kouri's Easter message: Mystery of Redemption, From the Cross To The Throne

Most modern Christians have never heard the full Gospel, the actual Gospel of the Kingdom preached by Peter, Paul, and all of the original apostles of Jesus Christ.

Yes, the apostles all preached about the sacrificial death of Jesus as the Lamb of God on the cross of Calvary and His glorious resurrection!

But they also boldly proclaimed that after His death on the cross and before His resurrection Jesus actually descended into hell, where according to Peter in Acts 2:24, Jesus continued to suffer the agony of death for three days and three nights.

According to both Peter and Paul, it was in hell that Jesus was quickened and made alive again by the Spirit and became the head of a whole new creation. It was in hell that he first conquered Satan, taking from him the keys of death and hell.

Preached during special Good Friday and Easter Sunday services, this amazing two-part message reveals the mystery of what actually happened during the three days and three nights in which Jesus was in hell.

This powerful apostolic message deals with what the original apostles taught about:

  • Jesus' preaching to souls that were in hell with Him,
  • His redemption or release of the souls of the Old Testament saints who where waiting for Messiah's Day in Abraham's bosom or paradise,
  • Jesus' amazing resurrection appearances, His ascension, His enthronement on the throne of His father David at the right hand of God in heaven, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.

Most people know what happened to Jesus on the cross, but what happened after Jesus died and His body was laid in the borrowed tomb of Joseph?

Both the Holy Scriptures and the Apostles' Creed declare that Jesus (i.e. His human spirit and soul) descended into hell. But what really happened during the three days and three nights in which Jesus was in hell? And what happened after Jesus was quickened and made alive again, triumphing over Satan in His resurrection?

To discover the amazing answers watch Bishop's message, The Mystery of Redemption, From The Cross To The Throne:

Part 1 -As The Lamb and the Scapegoat, Jesus Suffers Death On The Cross and Descends Into Hell

Part 2-Jesus Is Quickened and Triumphs Over Satan, Death, and Hell, Appears to His Disciples & Ascends To the Throne and Receives His Kingdom

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