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In his book "How God Became King" award-winning New Testament scholar and Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright writes that the forgotten message of the four Gospels is how Yahweh became King

In the preface to his book Wright amazingly declares that, "most of the Western Christian tradition has simply forgotten what the Gospels are really all about. Despite centuries of intense and heavy industry expended on the study of all sorts of features of the gospels, we have often managed to miss the main thing that they, all four of them, are most eager to tell us. I have therefore come to the conclusion that what we need is not just a bit of fine-tuning, an adjustment here and there. We need a fundamental rethink about what the Gospels are trying to say, and hence about how best we should read them, together and individually. And---not least---about how we then might order our life and work in accordance with them."

Wright goes on to say, "The problem of forgetting what the gospels are about is not confined to one segment of the church. Different branches---Catholic, Protestant, Reformed, charismatic, evangelical, liberal, social-gospel, and many segments of church life that bear two or more of these rather misleading labels at the same time---come at things from different angles......But it is my belief that all of them over many centuries now, have backed off from facing the full challenge of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John."

In his comprehensive and very provocative message "How Jesus Became King" George Kouri, Presiding Apostle of the Communion of Apostolic Churches and Chancellor of the Apostles Theological Seminary, carefully and faithfully unveils the central and also, as N. T. Wright declares, "the forgotten message" of the four Gospels. This message is made available on this site in hopes that it might serve as a preaching resource with a view towards helping restore the foundation of the Lord's Church ("the faith once for all delivered to the saints") and help to birth a true apostolic reformation. This message is also made available because it sets forth or encapsulates the essential message or theology of the Communion of Apostolic Churches and the Apostles Theological Seminary.

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To watch "How Jesus Became King" click here.

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