POSSESSING THE LAND OF PROMISE is the sequel to my message on THE KADESH CRISIS. Both of these are part of a series on RECEIVING YOUR KINGDOM INHERITANCE.

This a message about faith in action.

The balance to the Biblical doctrine of the sovereignty of God is the freedom of the human will and human responsibility. Once God does the work of regeneration in our lives He has something for us to do. As sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God we have an important part to play in the work of God's Kingdom. Therefore if God has a sovereign will for a believer, a ministry or a church, we can resist it. We can miss it. Like the children of Israel at Kadesh Barnea we can fall into disobedience or unbelief and delay the fulfillment of God's will or even abort it all together.

The will of God requires faith on our part, and real faith acts.

It obeys God's will and works together with God.

In Joshua Chapter 1 God gives Joshua and the children of Israel a great promise. He promises that He is going to give Joshua and the children of Israel the land of Canaan as their Kingdom inheritance. But He fails to tell them that it is already occupied.

"I am giving you the land, and Oh by the way it is full of giants."

"I am giving you the land but there are 7 nations bigger and greater than you are...and 31 Kings...and these kings have armies...and their cities have walls around them...and they want to keep their cites...thank you very much!"

"I am giving you the land, but you have the joy of fighting for it...the joy of fighting the good fight of faith to possess the land...the promise of God...your Kingdom inheritance."

If we do not get this, we will miss what God is doing in our lives individually and corporately.

Yes, God gave them the land...but without the obedience of faith...without their acting and doing their part...the land would only be theirs in promise and not in reality.

In this message I am talking about possessing the land of promise...our Kingdom inheritance.

In the Kadesh Crisis we saw a generation of Israelites who refused to believe and obey the Lord and as a result missed their Kingdom purpose and their inheritance. In this message we see a generation that believes and obeys God and as a result possess the land of promise.

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